BEST Claims

Hints & Tips

This is a small compilation of useful hints and tips that can be used on eBEST.


  • When wishing to enter today's date in a date field, you can press the letter T in your keyboard and and it will automatically populate it.


  • To enter a date outside the range displayed in the drop down list, either select the nearest available date and reopen the dropdown or select a date using the up and down arrow keys until your chosen date appears.    


  • If in a grid, you want to sort the column data (numbers or letters) either descending or ascending, click on each individual column heading. The small black arrow that appears on the heading will point accordingly.  


  • If you want to collapse a grid, you can click on the little arrow pointing up on the right hand side of the heading, as in the picture below.



  • If you get a pop box and the message appears incomplete, please click in one of the corners whilst pressing the left   mouse button stretch the box towards you. This will increase the size of the pop up and therefore all text will be viewable.




We welcome your feedback. If you would like to add any other point, please e-mail on or call us on freephone 0800 169 4614.






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For further assistance contact us on free phone 0800 169 4614.
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