BEST Claims

New Illness / Absence Claim

New Illness / Absence Claim

You will need to fill in all the relevant details to be able to submit a new or continuation claim. Please see below for more detailed information on the different sections of this page. Click here to return to the submit a claim screen.

1 . Absence DetailsAbsence Details

Absence Details

You will need to fill in all the yellow fields. If you are doing a continuation claim you will notice some of these fields are automatically generated from the information previously advised to BEST Claims.

2 . Operation InformationOperation Information

Operation Information

Fill in all yes/no questions.

3 . Certificates SectionCertificates Section

Certificates Section

To view this section in more detail please click here.

4 . Comments BoxComments Box

Comments Box

If you have any further comments please insert them into this section.

5 . Submit ButtonSubmit Button

Submit Button

Once you have inserted all the relevant information you can then click on the submit button.

6 . Cancel ButtonCancel Button

Cancel Button

If you need to cancel at anytime click on the cancel button.

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