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Doctor's Certificate

Doctor's Certificate

If you have received a doctor's certificate from the member of staff who is unwell, this section will let you submit the relevant details that we need from it. Click here to return to the certificate information screen.

1 . Refrain from WorkRefrain from Work

Refrain from Work

In this section you have to choose between for or until. For example If the certificate says to refrain for 2 weeks then you would type in 2 weeks in the for box. If the certificate gives you a return to work date this needs to be entered in the until box.


2 . Doctor's NameDoctor's Name

Doctor's Name

Enter the doctor's name in this section. If the signature is unreadable we will accept the practice or hospital's name.

3 . Date SignedDate Signed

Date Signed

Enter the date the certificate was signed by the doctor.


4 . Doctor's DiagnosisDoctor's Diagnosis

Doctor's Diagnosis

Type in the doctor's diagnosis.

5 . CommentsComments


If you have any further information that you think will help please insert into this box.

6 . Add CertificateAdd Certificate

Add Certificate

Click here to add the certificate's details prior to submitting the claim.

7 . CancelCancel


Click here to cancel at any time.


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